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Lungi’s Story: Celebrating Safely in Corona Times.

Who we are

the SACC is an instrument and servant of its members

SACC is an ecumenical association of affiliated Christian Churches and organizations that come together in action for social justice.

As an instrument and servant of our members, we are committed to expressing, through proclamation and programmes, the united witness of the church in South Africa, especially in matters of national debate.

More About Us

Thematic Focus
Anchoring Democracy

To uphold the integrity of the governmental systems and ensure it is anchored in serving the interests of all who live in this country, especially those who are socially, economically & politically the weakest.

Economic Transformation

To modernize the economy, optimize productivity and deal aggressively with poverty, inequality and the economic marginalisation of the majority.

Comprehensive Quality Education

To modernise education and have it promote a citizenry that is values based and cohesive, while deliberately articulating well into economic productivity and innovation.

Healing for Reconciliation

To deal with the deep South African woundedness of racism, ethnicity, gender, family, brokenness, intersectional identity and the need for public consensus on national values and standards of being, towards a common national identity and constitutional culture.

Giving is an act of worship, affection & love for Jesus

making a difference

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Programmes / Campaigns
Patriarchy and Society

Patriarchy & Society is a multi-pronged Campaign against sexual and gender-based violence, and its social conditioning in society. The aim is to mount a preventative campaign – to conscientize and educate various sections of society about the impact of patriarchy and its outcomes in sexual and gender-based violence, for the safety and flourishing of women and girls.

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Civil Society Manifesto

The Civil Society Manifesto was birthed from the National Convention of South Africa  and is aimed at building public consensus on the value positions, and standards that inform policy options that are acceptable to meet the requirements of life and governance anticipated in the rights culture of the South African Constitution.

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The South Africa We Pray For (SAWP4) campaign is a commitment by the SACC to use its influence and infrastructure at community level to promote the work needed to contribute to the achievement of the Promise of the Post-Apartheid South Africa.

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A Local Ecumenical Action Network (LEAN) is an existing network of community-level, locally initiated and organised groups that exist to provide a response to the issues faced by communities with regard to the COVID-19 pandemic and “rebuilding” for post COVID-19.

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Church In Action

Church In Action is our commitment to ensure our people have the most updated and accurate information needed to stay healthy and stop the virus from spreading. These include care for caregivers and the sick, funeral guidelines, and guidelines on church support for community needs and spiritual wellbeing.

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SACC COVID-19 Pastoral Plan

The SACC COVID-19 Pastoral Plan is designed to fight against the immediacy of the COVID-19 crisis. It is also a springboard for rebuilding for a new and long-term reality of greater social cohesion and economic vibrancy at community levels beyond the COVID-19 onslaught.

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media releases


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