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7 June 2022
From the desk of the General Secretary, Bishop Malusi Mpumlwana

The South African Council of Churches (SACC) has heard the challenge made by the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) today, and acknowledges that Julius Malema presents an interesting perspective.

Without a doubt, the Ramaphosa revelations and allegations are seriously
concerning, and while it may appear that the SACC remains mum on the issue, and has not issued a comment at the speed and to the level of outrage expected by the EFF, one must contextualise the matter. In comparison, with President Jacob Zuma the SACC engaged with him and the ANC for two years: April 2014-April 2016, before making any public statement about him because it is not in the nature of SACC operations to rush into public statements about serious public matters without critical review and analysis.

Likewise, the SACC never said a word in the public arena about Julius Malema and other EFF leaders, when allegations were made accusing them of VBS looting.

“We are required to know all that we can know about an emerging situation in order to apply our judgement tools to inform our actions, before we act or speak out,” said Bishop Malusi Mpumlwana, General Secretary of the SACC.

As such, the SACC will not be rushed into a public statement, and will only act and speak out on the revelations and allegations levelled against Ramaphosa from a position of greater knowledge and a deeper understanding.

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