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Anchoring Democracy; Economic Transformation; Comprehensive Quality Education and Healing & Reconciliation.


The Local Ecumenical Action Network (LEANs) was birthed from the SACC COVID-19 pastoral plan to organise functional local public ministry structures that address crisis relief, pastoral care that focuses on the vulnerable and the anxieties of families of frontline workers. Although LEANs was developed as a COVID response it is built on previous work done by churches at community level.

The current LEANs initiative aims to consolidate and strengthen local ministrations in order to better serve society in the COVID challenges, but also to build on that strength for a post-COVID social and economic programming at community level LEANs are one of the vehicles to drive the current SACC strategic plan and includes the four pillars (Healing & Reconciliation, Quality Education, Economic Transformation and Anchoring Democracy ) developed to achieve the South Africa We Pray For.

There are approximately 100 LEANs network groups across the country mainly in Western Cape, KZN, Northern Cape, Eastern Cape and Gauteng

Joint activities across ecumenical lines have also taken place in Limpopo, Free State, Norther West Province and Mpumalanga during the COVID-19 pandemic.

LEANS have been involved in numerous activities including:

  • Ongoing food relief
  • Pastoral Care and Counselling
  • Communication around COVID19 responses and prevention
  • Training on Farming God’s Way
  • Community Assets Workshops
  • Diversity Workshops (Black Lives Matter)

To join a LEANs network or start one in your community kindly send an email to