Churches united against corruption

The SACC is an instrument and servant of its members.

The South African Council of Churches applauds the initiative of the South African Christian Leaders Initiative that calls on Christians to march alongside other South Africans of conscience to protest the scale of corruption that erodes the moral fibre of our society.

We call on churches in the various parts of the country to not only support the match but go beyond the march day and reflect on various ways in which our individual practices contribute to the wicked culture of corruption and ill-gotten gains. The SACC National Churches Forum chaired by Archbishop Makgoba has called for us to pray for the promise of South Africa post apartheid – the promise of a just, reconciled and equitable society, free of racial, tribal, xenophobic and gender prejudices, free of corruption and deprivation, and with enough food and shelter for every citizen; and for each child born to grow to their God given potential.

Corruption is like an aggressive cancer that mutates very fast in society and consuming it’s very soul! As we support the call of SACLI in this regards, we also urge people to have the discipline to not participate in corruption, and the courage to rebuke those within their range who do corruption; including leaders in government and business.

The SACC will be taking this further in its forthcoming campaign for “The South Africa We Shall Pray For”! To signal our support for the call for a United Christian Witness, the SACC President, Bishop Zipho Siwa will participate in the march in Pretoria, and the Chairperson of the SACC National Church Leaders Forum, Archbishop Thabo Makgoba will participate in Cape Town.