United against the spread of COVID-19

Rise up and get vaccinated – VaxuMzansi

VaxuMzansi is a campaign by the Religious Forum Against COVID-19 that aims to vaccinate up to 70% of their congregations and the communities in which they serve. Studies show that if 67,7% of the South African population vaccinate, we can reach population-wide immunity, drastically reducing COVID-19 hospitalisation and death rates

As the religious sector, we aim to play our part by encouraging vaccine uptake. To achieve this, we are running a series of vaccine events, which will be hosted among local religious groups.

Vaccine events are a one-day event for religious groups to invite their members to come to their local church, mosque, temple etc., to get a jab, witness their religious leader get vaccinated (if they have not done so) and ask religious leaders or faith-based medical practitioners about the safety of the vaccine.

We appeal to faith groups to take action. The only way to defend ourselves from an invisible enemy is to stand united in the drive towards promoting vaccination and access to vaccination sites.

Science is a gift from God, we call on Faith leaders to play an active role as this is a national crisis that’s a matter of life and death. We challenge members of the faith group to ensure that 7 out of 10 people in their network, circle, religious groups and families are vaccinated.

Ask your faith leader for more information and become a vaccine champion. Do your part to vaccinate the nation. Keep a look out for a list of faith group sites where you can get vaccinated.

VaxuMzansi First Vaccination Drive

The first VaxuMzansi Vaccination Drive, which took place on 24 September 2021, was a resounding success with local faith organisations stepping up to turn their places of worship into vaccination centres.

Get vaccinated today and share your vaccination story with us on social media (@rfac19) with the #VaxuMzansi.

Should you require more information about how to join in the campaign or should you require assistance on the campaign drive, you can contact the #VaxuMzansi team. #VaxuMzansi

Campaign Enquiries: Penelope Rahlapane