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Patriarchy in society

Healing & Reconciliation

Patriarchy in society

The South African Council of Churches (SACC) is conducting a multi-pronged Patriarchy & Society Campaign against sexual and gender-based violence, and its social conditioning in society.

(a) The aim is to mount a preventative campaign – to conscientize various sections of society about the impact of a patriarchal society and its outcomes on sexual and gender-based violence, for the safety and flourishing of women and girls.

(b) In addition, the programme will target traditional cultural programmes of boys’ initiation to manhood, in consultation with relevant cultural authorities.

(c) The main activities include:

  • 1. Republic of Sexual Abuse Exhibition Virtual Roadshow: To put the ‘Republic of Sexual Abuse’ Exhibition on a virtual roadshow, to dramatize the frightening experience of the lived reality of sexual abuse in South Africa.
  • 2. Botho jwa Basadi Campaign: To create social change against gender-based violence and its roots in socialization, religious and cultural psyche, norms and mores through a large scale communication blitz of what should be the obvious, the fullness of woman humanity – Botho jwa Basadi.
  • 3. Violence against people with diverse sexual orientations: To educate against social and religious attitudes, and their outcomes in prejudice and violence; and work with other organizations in support of families of LGBTIQ+ persons, in regard to their various life challenges.