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Programmes / Campaigns

The South Africa We Pray For

The National Church Leaders Forum of the SACC, meeting on 24 March 2015, expressed “grave concern” at the disturbing state South Africa is in. The church leaders urged the SACC to focus all efforts on transforming the poor’s fortunes, from one generation to the next, and thus seek to contribute to the reduction of the gross inequalities of our society.


National Convention of South Africa

The National Convention of South Africa was designed as an 18-24 months programme, ending March 2019. It gave effect to the South Africa We Pray For, the fundamental commitment of SACC. It resulted in the Civil Society Manifesto, beyond which there is no longer is a convention process.


Civil Society Manifesto

The Civil Society Manifesto was birthed from the National Convention of South Africa and is aimed at building public consensus on the value positions, and standards that inform policy options that are acceptable to meet the requirements of life and governance anticipated in the rights culture of the South African Constitution.

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SACC COVID-19 Pastoral Plan

After a full six months of the country under COVID-19 regime, the churches and all social service agencies must adjust their service approaches to the needs of the people as the situation demands. This is a proposal for a review of aspects of the SACC COVID Pastoral Plan; to focus more on the effects on the people, of the lockdown, the economic knocks of job loses…

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Church in Action

Church In Action is our commitment to ensure that our people have the most updated and accurate information needed to stay healthy and prevent the virus from spreading.

This includes:

  • care for caregivers and the sick,
  • Funeral guidelines…

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The Local Ecumenical Action Network (LEANs) was birthed from the SACC COVID-19 pastoral plan to organise functional local public ministry structures that address crisis relief, pastoral care that focuses on the vulnerable and the anxieties of families of frontline workers. Although LEANs was developed as a COVID response it is built on previous work done by churches at community level.

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Patriarchy in society

The South African Council of Churches (SACC) is conducting a multi-pronged Patriarchy & Society Campaign against sexual and gender-based violence, and its social conditioning in society.

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Corruption Is Not My Heritage

On the 7th of August 2020 six organisations issued a moral call against COVID-19 corruption. These organisations, who call themselves the Moral Collective consist of The Ahmed Kathrada Foundation, the Council for the Advancement of the South African Constitution….

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