Prayer of the Month: May 2019 – Post-Election Prayer

by Rev. Roxane Jordaan (UCC)


Gracious God, thank You for being our source of eternal hope.

We gave thanks for the continued hope born of the elections.

Please God, heal the pains of the pre-election harsh words and thoughts of politicking.

We also pray that those who have been elected to lead our beloved country will not exercise the confidence given to them by our people, in a vacuum. May the elected seek Your spirit to stay true to the promises made – promises which caught the imagination of all who voted.

We ask that our country’s leaders would have at the heart of their business, the meaningful aspirations of the nation. Let the groans of poverty, the pain of discrimination, marginalisation and horror of corruption be the guiding spirit that touches every politician all the time.

Inspire our leaders to continue the quest for justice, peace and the integrity of creation. Help us as citizens to participate in the instances that make for a good life for all. May our leaders create a national spirit that gives to all who claim the Republic of South Africa their home, a tremendous of sense of belonging and being cared for.

We pray too for our continent, Africa. As we celebrate Africa Day, we place before you the leaders of the African Union and give thanks for the successes.  We place before You the ongoing work to rid our continent of the vestiges of colonialism and apartheid. We pray that the theme for this year, ‘Healthy Lifestyle Prolongs Life’, may be a real and achievable goal for all, and that there will be renewed and intensified intention to work towards premature mortality. May your spirit of Life guide our leaders towards working for an Africa that is free from all fears of life-sapping activities and political inertia.

Creator, Sustainer and Redeemer God, in Your mercy and in in Your love, Hear our prayer.



Let us be reminded of Trevor Huddleston’s words: God bless Africa, Guard her people, Guide her leaders, And give her peace.