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For a Church/Denomination to be recognised by the National SACC it must be in existence in at least 3 provinces with a minimum of 6 congregations (branches) in at least 3 of the provinces.

If the Church/Domination fails to meet the requirements they can join SACC at Provincial level at the SACC Provincial offices.

Churches who want to affiliate with SACC should submit the following documents to the SACC:

  • Completed application form
  • Cover Letter signed by the Head of the Church / Archbishop/Moderator confirming interest to be a member and willingness to comply with all obligations, rules, procedures, etc if membership is accepted
  • Constitution of the Church
  • Certified copy of Registration Certificate (which can be obtained from Department of Social Development)

Application can be emailed to or send it by mail for the attention of the General Secretary (P.O Box 62098, Marshalltown, 2107)

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