The National Day of Prayer Against COVID-19 & Civil unrest in the country.

The National Day of Prayer was chaired by SACC and is comprised of various religious leaders who are called interfaith forum against COVID-19. The programme was on Sabc 2, 11h00 am on Mandela Day where the religious leaders were sharing bible scriptures and prayers against COVID-19 and the recent civil unrest in the country.

The Religious leaders called the Interfaith Forum had to record their scripture reading and prayers not surpassing two minutes where they tackle the issues of Covid-19 and the Civil unrest of the country and send it to the South African Council of Churches so that it can be edited and sent to the SABC for the broadcast on the Mandela Day.

The programme was televised for more than an hour and it was the centre of attention on Mandela Day because it comprised of prominent religious leaders from enormous religious entities including; The Evangelical Alliance of South Africa, Muslim Judicial Council, Union of Orthodox Theologians, The Bantu Church of Christ, Believers In Christ, International Federation Christian Churches, South African Hindu Maha Sabha, Shembe Group, Grace Bible Church and South African Council of Churches.

The programme saw the religious leaders sharing the podium with great scripture reading and Prayers that healed the entire nation during the SABC 2 televised programme. Later on at 6 pm, the Nelson Mandela 67 minutes started on the SACC live Facebook page where everyone will take part in joining the prayer for the 67 minutes, praying against the COVID-19 and the country’s civil unrest, looting and violence that saw hundreds of people losing their lives.

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