SACC Webinar on Patriarchy & Society 3

A Series of Gender Workshops for SACC Leaders of Member Churches

This is to be an intervention of the SACC in the national effort to overcome the scourge of Gender-Based Violence and patriarchy, which we believe is a direct attack on the realisation of the dignity and God-given potential of all.

The SACC sees this as part of a large campaign and Social Change education programme to address Patriarchy and Gender-Based Violence and mainstream appropriate and effective tools for the support of vulnerable people. To equip ordained and lay leaders to address and pastorally respond and deal with the scourge of gender-based violence and gender prejudices, in family and communities.

Our commitment is to have three two-hourly Webinars starting on Wednesday 19 August, ending on 2 September 2020. The training is to be as follows:

August 19: 10:00-12:00. Understanding Patriarchy and GBV, it’s manifestations in society

August 26: 10:00-12:00 The role of the Church, Bible, and Theology in Patriarchy and GBV

September 02: 10:00-12:00. Re-imagining a different world and church. What are the seeds of something new in language, systems, theology, and praxis? What are the tools that are available to help the church to build this new world?

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