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The SACC Unburdening Panel public briefing

The National Executive Committee of the South African Council of Churches on Thursday 18th May 2017, released to the church public and the rest of society, the report of the SACC Unburdening Panel that has, since April 2016, been following the challenge of corruption. The Unburdening Panel is a “facility” offered by the churches to […]

SACC Meets And Listens To SRC Representatives

JOHANNESBURG: The South African Council of Churches (SACC) on Tuesday convened a consultative meeting with the student body representatives of the various institutions of higher education from around the country.  The meetings’ objective was to engage the student bodies in order to fully understand the challenges faced by their members in the new academic year.  The […]

Declaration Of Commitment By SACC On 5 Critical Pillars

DECLARATION: The South African Council of Churches is committed to indentifying, praying and acting together on critical socio-economic issues that will make a marked difference in the quality of life in the South African society. As the churches of South Africa, we will: Pray and act for Healing & Reconciliation, healing the past, and engaging the […]

46 Church Leaders Witness SACC Commitment To Sustained Hope For SA

JOHANNESBURG:  The churches of South Africa, under the South African Council of Churches (SACC), held a church service to reaffirm the SACC’s commitment to all South Africans, to pray and work for sustained hope in humility and faith for the country.  The service, attended by representatives of all the member churches of the SACC, brought […]

Statement From The SACC Following Meeting With President Zuma

The SACC met with the office of President Jacob Zuma on Tuesday 15 December 2015, on the eve of the SACC Reconciliation Day service, to discuss the concerns of the church, following last week’s cabinet reshuffle, as requested by the SACC in a weekend letter. The communication to President Zuma outlined the context of the […]