The South Africa We Pray For

The National Church Leaders Forum of the SACC, meeting on 24 March 2015, expressed “grave concern” at the disturbing state that South Africa is in. The church leaders urged the SACC to focus all efforts on transforming the fortunes of the poor, from one generation to the next, and thus seek to contribute to the reduction of the gross inequalities of our society.

The South Africa we shall pray for uses a “see-judge-act” model:

  • it is informed by thematic research in partnership with research institutions and other entities
  • empirical and scientific information enables informed socio-economic theological reflection for the “judge” of the Gospel
  • it leads to actions sanctioned by church leaders and taken up ecumenically in the congregations in united public witness.

The goal of the campaign is identify and act on critical socio-economic issues.

Poverty has already been decided as the main theme for 2015 to 2016 and the SACC is building on work already being done by a number of member churches, including the pilot work conducted in Soweto under the auspices of the Apostolic Faith Mission.