SACC Renewal

In 2012, six former general secretaries of the South African Council of Churches initiated a campaign to revitalise the organisation and strengthen its role in nation building. Their campaign was received and adopted by the National Executive Committee and is now part of the mandate of the General Secretary.

The former general secretaries are Nobel Prize winner, Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, Reverend Frank Chikane, Dr Brigalia Bam, Ambassador Dr Molefe Tsele, Mr Eddie Makue and Reverend Mautjie Pataki, the immediate past general secretary.

Their vision was to restore the unity of Christian witness and re-establish the mission of the SACC so that the organisation is re-anchored in the homes and communities of poor people in the name of God, to whom they offer up prayers nightly, for a just and equitable society without poverty, unemployment, inequality and self-serving corruption.